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  1. I know that Kokkedal slot has some pretty good deals, regarding weddings and it looks absolutely beautiful. Otherwise, an idea could be 'Munkerupgaard', which also should be really good. If you choose the packages here, you'll only need to think about your weddingbouquet, dress and yourself. F.eks. a wedding on a castle would be seen as very formal, and is a good 'excuse' for everyone to show up in nice galla looking outfits, and the perfect location for a reallife princess wedding.
  2. Where on Sjælland do you prefer to find a summerhouse? I'd love to help you.
  3. Vil også anbefale en selvsiddende bh. De kan købes i de fleste undertøjsbutikker, og H&M.
  4. Most of them have websites, with pricelists for hourly help, and packages for the whole wedding. I know some of them, has a free and noncommittal first meeting, where you have the possibility to go over prices with them, and see what they can offer.
  5. Thinking about the economy I think it's best to find a place, and then organize everything yourself. You can find a nice place, hire a catering company for the food, and get everything the exact way you want it. If you hire a pro wedding planner/company to do the organizing, they'll most likely cost around 10-15000 dkk. And then you still have to pay for the location and food. You just don't need to stress about it. I know, that there's places around Denmark, where they take care of everything, but mostly it's around 1000-2000 pr. person, depending on the location.
  6. Sverige har mange lækre steder, og er jo ikke så langt væk. Der er masser dejlig natur og idylliske omgivelser!
  7. Hvor henne i landet planlægger I? Der kan sagtens laves lækker 3 retters menu til billige penge, og dekorationer, kan også skaffes hjem på budget. Nu kommer det selvfølgeligt også meget an på, hvad man mener man kan/vil tillade sig at bruge på et bryllup, men jeg er sikker på, at du ikke behøver gå for meget på kompromis.
  8. Hello, Are you planning on having your guest to sleep over, or are they all going home after the party? I'd love to hear a bit more details, and then try to help as good as I can, with finding a nice place. Best regards Nanna