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What is your ceremony music plan?

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Annonce ♥

I appologize for my spelling, I speak english, but spells very porly in english.


Just to clearify: 

A traditional danish churchwedding will be hymns played on the organ and the guests would be singing with only one churchsinger as a lead. Some churches do not have organs, some have choires, you get the point?

But now a days it is getting more commen to have modern musik from speakers for some of the peaces. The priest have the last word on what he/she alloves to be played.


Most normal is:

Entrence (if played on organ without singing)

3-4 hymns - usualy with guests singing

Exit (if played on organ without singing)


We are doing our wedding at home with speakers, and expecting not to be singing (becourse of corona), but as the full churchceremony

1: Bryllup på Troldhaugen Link

2: Lysets engel går med glans Link

3: Hvad er det min Marie Link

4: Ave Maria Link

5: Spænd over os dit himmelsejl Link 

6: Rondeau from Sinfonie de Fanfares Link


Will it be a mix of danish and english-speaking gueasts at your wedding? Do you want english or danish songs? I will be happy to help you with some sugestions on what is commely used in danish weddings - maybe you will find some tunes that are familier to both groups...  


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Annonce ♥

I helped another bride to make her weddingprogram. She choose theese:


1: Here comes the bride

2: Du kom med alt det der var dig Link

3: I blev skabt som mand og kvinde 

4: Det er så yndigt at følges ad Link

5: Mendesohns weddingmarch Link


All very traditional/commen choises.


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Annonce ♥