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  1. Hello! I hope it's alright I type in english. A little backstory: me and my fiance have been engaged for nearly 2 years now and decided it's time to get married. However exiting it is.. neither of us know anything about weddings and it's proving to be harder than thought. I am from Estonia, he is danish. We have been together for 4.5 years overall. Now, to the wedding part. First and foremost... our wedding would be really small and intimate - only us and a handful of guests (all together there would be 8 of us). And secondly we would love a wedding in the middle of the woods with a party there afterwards as well, something in boho style, fairly fairytale like.. but don't know if it's doable or how and where it would be doable. Lastly, if anyone has any information on how paperwork works (specially since I am a foreigner), it would be awesome! I appreciate any help!!! På forhånd tak!
  2. A bit late but thanks for the help everyone! I cooled down a bit and realized it might be a bit over the top, we decided to have a simple rådhus vielse and maybe take photos in a beautiful nature spot before or afterwards instead as we aren't a big crowd (5 people...) and have a fairly small budget . AGAIN super sorry about never really getting back at you all!